Why choose low deposit online casino over no deposit online Casino?

Why choose low deposit online casino over no deposit online Casino?

This is one of the biggest questions among online casinos players whether no deposit free spin or no deposit free bonus offer is good or low deposit free spin or low deposit free bonus one. In this article we will have a look at that and try to explore what comes at what cost.

But before that let’s understand what is the difference between low deposit free bonus or low deposit free spins offers and no deposit free bonus or no deposit free spins offers?

No deposit free spins or no deposit free bonus is the offer by an online casino where a player does not have to deposit any amount or say no deposit is required in order to play an online casino game on the online casino which is running such offer. The player just has to register himself giving all the correct data and agreeing to the terms and conditions by the online casino. One must read all these terms and conditions carefully before joining the online casino in UK. Once registration is done and verified by the support team, free bonus or free spins are credited into the player’s account. The player can use this bonus or spin to play on any online casino games and may get a chance to win real money. Normally the free bonuses or free spins are given as a part of such offers are very small, so the player may not play for long. If they managed to win while there is still bonus or spins left in his account, well and good or else he will have deposit fresh money to continue playing. The no deposit free spins or no deposit free bonus offers read like:

Get £10 no deposit bonus as welcome offer

50 free spins on sign up

£5 no deposit bonus and 10 spins for free.

Now what is low deposit online casino offer?

An offer which does give additional bonus or additional spin, but only after a small amount is deposited by the players. All the processes till registration are same- means a players has to register to the online casino by giving correct data and agreeing to the terms and conditions. Most of the online casinos in UK keep this amount as low as £10. WatchMySpin is also a low deposit casino where a player can play any casino games by depositing an amount as low as £10.

Such low deposit offers may give additional bonuses or additional spins than what your deposit amount can buy. For example look at this offer

100% match and up to 20 free spins

this means when a player deposit £10, he will get £10 additional bonus and 20 free spins. That further means the player will have £20 in his account and 20 spins. Please note that the player eventually buys spins using the amount in his account, but the online casino is giving the player additional spins than the bonus. The online casino may be aiming to save taxes that may come into picture while giving free bonus. In UK the current tax rate is 21%.

So which offer is better: Low deposit or no deposit offer?

Prima facie it looks like no deposit free bonus or no deposit free spin offer is better for a player; but, as we have discussed in one of the articles, no deposit free spin or no deposit free bonus offer aren't really free. Below are some of the disadvantages for a player of always looking for such offers:

  • Players don’t take the free bonus that seriously. They just play for the heck of it and lose in the end. It has been observed that most of the players have not been able to make it big using free bonus or free spins.
  • Free bonus is normally too small for a player to be able to wager on some of the slots or online casino games. Sometimes these free bonuses are specific to some online casino games. So, the choice is limited.
  • If a player went on to play on an online casino just because of free bonus or free spins, he may end up playing on a non-certified, non-regulated online casino which may result in financial loss as such online casino may not follow fair games practices.
  • No deposit free bonus comes at very high wagering requirements. Means a player has to bet significant amount in order to be able to withdraw the real money won after availing such offers. Normally no deposit offers have 50x or even 100x wagering requirements making it very difficult for a player to withdraw cash won against such free bonuses.