No deposit free bonus, free spins offers in online casino: Are they really free?

In a glance, indirect cost involved in no deposit free bonus and/or free spins online casino offers:

Are no deposit free bonus free spins offers in online casino really free?

Get £5 no deposit free bonus as welcome offer.

Get 20 FREE spins on no deposit.

Get £10 Free no deposit required

Get 25 free spins on registration.

Get 50 free spins, no deposit sign up bonus.

Online casino space is full of such eye-catching offers which try to entice the online casino players to get registered on the online casino sites. Nothing could be better than free bonus and/or spins which seem attractive to casino players and they end up registering on the online casino site to play with the help of credited free casino bonus or spin which they get just after registration. No deposit is required.

Chances are you might have searched for these on the internet at least once in your lifetime. Well, there is no shame in searching for such free or lucrative casino offers Everybody wants free spins or free bonuses for no deposit or no cost. Afterall what's the harm in getting free bonuses and free spins to win some real money?

But have you ever wondered why would those online casino sites run this kind of offer? Why would they be interested in making you win real money while offering you entertainment that too at no cost?

Some may say, well I don’t care as long as I get free bonuses or free spins on an online casino site. We have ample time to test each online casino in the UK for such offers. And why shouldn’t we? We get to play online casino games for real money free.

Well, to be honest, that’s a good reason.

But, the next logical answer is that the online casinos want you to register on their casino site and play. During the registration process, you give your contact numbers and sometimes even consent to contact you later advertising their product or services. They get a player and you get the free bonus or spins for no deposit.

This looks like a win-win case.

Are there costs involved for the online casino in no-deposit offers? What are the costs involved for an online casino player in no-deposit offers?

Cost incurred by online casino while giving no deposit free bonus and/or no deposit free spins

Online casinos happen to pay tax on the bonus that they give to the player. This bonus is treated as real money spent on online casinos, and it attracts taxes. And, if players win using those free bonuse or free spin, the online casino stands to lose a bit more from their pocket. Online casinos also happen to spend a bit more in terms of other operational expenses like gaming royalty. So while the no-deposit free bonus and or free spins appear to be free of cost for players, it's not really free for online casinos.

But do players have no cost? Read on

Cost incurred by players for no deposit free bonus and/or no deposit free spins

Well it's true that when it comes to the cost incurred by the casino players, there is no financial cost, but these offers do cost players money and other things which don't wear price tags, but they are definitely costs to players:

Psychological Cost:

As they say, not all costs wear price tags; psychological cost is one such thing that wears no price tag, but it has the ability to negatively impact your mental peace and health.


Playing online casinos, even if you are allowed to play for free, may lead to addiction and problem gambling. So even if you get the free bonus and spin for the first time, you may not always get this. But over a period of time you may feel addicted to it and may start depositing real money. Depositing real money subsequently will poise you to potential financial risk. If the financial loss happens, you may feel unhappy.

Players come to online casino sites to have fun while having chances to win real money, but when they lose money, they lose happiness. If they lost money which could have been used for better purposes, it results in remorse and unhappiness. This is definitely a cost to the players.

Even if you don't deposit once your free bonus or spins get exhausted, the online casino sites might contact you, if you have given consent while registering yourself on the online casino site. So be careful while giving consent, through your mobile number or email telling you about their latest offers and promotion and luring you to play again.

Sometimes the frequency of interaction could be more or simply the timing of an attempt for interaction could be odd which may cause a player to get irritated. If a player is having gambling issues, such tempting offers may cost the players their mental peace and health too. There are other health related problems associated with playing online casinos.

Problem gambling of gambling addiction may lead to loss of peace of mind. The recovery process from problem gambling may not be easy and fast. You may have to go through the problem gambling therapy which will again be a loss of money.

Unhappiness, mental agitation, frustration, remorse could be result of gambling on online casino

Financial Cost

The no deposit bonus comes with very high wagering requirements which makes it difficult for a player to withdraw the won real money unless a minimum amount of money is deposited and wagered. When players wagers to fulfil the condition to withdraw the won amount, chances are he may end up losing; or even if he does not lose, he needs money to fulfil the wagering requirement in order to withdraw the won amount. One may happen to bet a really big amount in order to claim the winning amount and withdraw it to his account. So, no deposit free bonus and no deposit free spins aren't really free and direct cost in terms of money is involved.

Sometimes non-verified, non-regulated online casinos can give offers which may look very tempting, but they may not follow the fair game practice and will try to recover the free bonus cost in some other ways by practicing unfair means. Players must be wary of such offers and they must check if the online casino is verified or trustworthy or not. Here are some tips on how to choose an online casino in the UK.

Physical Cost

Playing at online casino sites for longer duration also means staring at the screen of devices which may have a bad impact on the eyes. Physical inactivity can also lead to obesity. There are other health related problems too.

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Problem Gambling support:

For any kind of problem gambling support in the UK, please use this helpline provided by Gamcare. GamCare gives free help, info, and counselling.

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It also provides face-to-face counselling. The helpline is free and open 24/7.