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Those people who have experience of traditional casinos are aware of the kind of playing conditions and environment does a player encounter when he is in the middle of a stint in a traditional casino. The glitz and glamour of the place get your adrenalin pumping and takes you into the groove as soon as you enter there

How did live online casino evolve?

When the world was experiencing a surge of Information and Technology as computers increasingly started becoming an integral part of everyone’s lives so the relevance of online gaming became more pertinent to the world. Online casinos came into existence during the early nineties and slowly started creating their own space among the players. The challenge for the operators was to bring the same experience that a player used to get in a traditional casino on an online casino platform. It was a tough task as initially, the online gaming platforms were largely at a very basic level of game designing as there were many technological challenges to bring the games at par with the traditional casino games.

The fight to get the online casino at a level of user acceptability kept on going with the introduction of new technology. In the early two thousand, a breakthrough achieved in form of Live Casino. It had all the ingredients that were necessary to match the quality of a traditional casino. The attractive dealer who kept the player engaged and kept him going even when is losing was an integral part of the live casino. In layman's terms, the Live Casino became a bridge between a traditional and an online casino

Playtech was the first one to introduce Live Casino gaming to its players. It was mainly based on the live streaming of videos. As the technology got advanced other players like Microgaming and Netent also brought the game to the market. Slowly the new entrants like Evolution Gaming, Authentic Gaming, and Ezugi also introduced Live Casino games to the user base.

Players used to enjoy Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack in the traditional gaming set up. Therefore, the initial effort was to bring the same games in the Live Casino set up. It resulted in the introduction of the Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, and Live Baccarat. It brought lots of excitement amongst online gamers.

The success prompted the operators to introduce new games like Texas’s Hold’em Poker and Caribbean Studs and some other variation of poker on Live Casino. The addition has been very gradual and now Live casino games consist of different variants of Roulette like Lucky Ball, Live casino 6 is a version of Baccarat, and many more. Even these days operators are introducing even the Progressive Jackpots in the kitty.

Play Live Online Casino in UK

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What should be Strategy for Live Casino Players?

The player who is new to the Live Casino environment must know that it is played with real money. There are no free chips available for them on the Live casino table. This is one of the features of a live casino that takes the excitement to the next level. The best part of the game playing on a Live casino table is that you can watch the action live and place a bet once you are comfortable enough to take a plunge and put your bet.

The player must also understand that since payment involves frequent bets so they must choose the payment method which has the minimum transaction charges. It will reduce the burden on the purse. The skill games are more exciting like The Poker variants and Blackjack rather than games that are more based on luck like Roulette and Baccarat variants.

On which online casino should we play Live casino games?

The foremost important thing before initiating any kind of activity on the chosen casino is checking the kind of licensing does the casino has for operation. The licensing agreement bring the casino under the obligation of the licensor to follow the rules strictly. Any kind of breach in the rules thus can be challenged and the player's interest is kept as the highest priority.

We can take the example of the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom. A player from the UK should ensure that the casino is license by the Gambling Commission. They make sure that players interest is taken care of on priority. The player needs to be aware of his rights laid down by the commission. Also check our article which will let you know how to choose an online casino in UK .

What is a word of caution while playing Live Casino?

It is better remembering the fact since real money is involved in the game so the risk is also higher. Therefore, a player must prepare himself well before they put a bet. One can choose a game to begin with and prepare in advance regarding the different rules and strategies to optimise their gaming experience. Already mentioned in the article above that Live Casino almost gives the experience of a traditional casino, the player can get into an adrenalin rush easily and take wrong decisions. The stakes should be low based on a set budget. They should not run out of funds in the middle of an important round. It is important for them to be aware of the fact and play responsibly.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Live Casino?

All of us need to understand that the Live casino gaming experience is almost very close to the Traditional casino setup. Every day new players are entering the online gaming arena. They must take into account all the pros and cons of playing in a live casino.

The Pros in our opinion are the concept itself. It is Live streaming of the gameplay as it happens in real-time. The player can track all the activities live on the table. The dealer ensures the player is involved in the game and follows his instructions. It can give a quick reality check to the player of the status of his skills. Especially the Skill-based game Blackjack and Poker gives them first-hand experience.

The cons would be the environment of the Live Casino set up. The catchy sounds and beautiful dealer can take your mind off and one can take a wrong decision at a crucial stage of the game.

Live casino is one of the wonderful additions to the online casino world. It has helped many folds to bring the online casino at par with the traditional casino. In the years to come, we will experience much more technologically advanced Live Casinos.