How is blackjack card game played online?

Play blackjack card game online

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in online casino. It is not just a casino game, but a home game too with slight variation. It also goes by the name Twenty-one. It is said to be first played around 18th century making it one of the oldest games too.

This is a skill game where a player can win really big if he has the game skill. The definition of game skill is little bit “restricted” in context of Blackjack. Although, for example, counting cards is an excellent skill for the, but that is not treated well and is considered unfair or even illegal.

Blackjack is played with the help of 52-card pack. In casino, there are actually several packs that used to play the games. In online casino including more packs is easier. In most popular blackjack games 6 packs or 52x6= 312 cards are used.

What is objective in the blackjack game?

The objective of a player while playing Blackjack game is to get close to card value equals to 21 without crossing it

What are the terms used in Blackjack?

Dealer : Dealer is the person which conduct the game and do shuffling of cards, handling bet, dealing with cards etc.

Soft hand : Combination of an ace and a non-10-value card is called soft hand because here the player of dealer can count that ace as either 1 or 11. For example when a player has an ace and a 5-value card. He may count it either 1+5 = 6 or 11+5 =16. It’s totally on him. So the range of soft hand value is 2 (1+1) to 20 (11+9).

Stand: Case when a player or dealer does not want another card

Hit: Case when a player or dealer wants an additional card

Burst- case when value of cards of a player of dealer goes over 21.

Split pair: When a player gets first cards of same value. This is not for the dealer.

Double down: When value of first two cards dealt is either 9, 10, or 11, a player (NOT dealer) can double the bet.

Insurance: When the value of face-up card of dealer is an ace, the players may place a side bet of up to 0.5x. So, if the dealer’s face-down card value is 10 (any 10-value card), it would result in blackjack.

Stand off- When dealer and a player has same value of cards.

What are the value of cards in blackjack card game?

The value of card is little tricky here and it's not always the face value. These are the value of cards while playing blackjack:

Ace =1 or 11 depends on player or dealer, 2-10 have the same value as its face; rest other cards (King, queen, jack) have 10 value.

What is deal in blackjack?

When all players have placed their bet, dealer start distributing card. He gives 1 face-up card to each player and himself in 1st round. In 2nd round he gives 1 face up card to all the players; and takes 1 face-down card. The rule may slightly vary if packs used are less.

If the dealer’s face up card is an ace or ten-value card, other players can see the face-down card of the dealer; or else the players can’t see the dealer’s face-down card unless it’s the dealer’s turn to play.

What is Natural Blackjack and how much real money a player wins if he gets blackjack?

It’s the case when a player or dealer reaches number 21 with the help of just two card. This possibility arises when the player has an ace (value 11) and other card having value 10 (10, king, queen, or jack).
Case 1: A player has blackjack AND dealer does not have it => Dealer pays 1.5 times the betting amount to the player
Case 2: Player does not have blackjack, but he dealer has it => Dealer collect the bet amount from the player(s).
Case 3: Player(s) and dealer have the blackjack => It’s a tie. Player takes back the bet amount.

How to play blackjack online

Playing blackjack online is same as playing a blackjack game in real. Only thing is that it’s played on an online casino while playing online.

The dealer distributes 1 face-up card to all the players, including himself. Now the dealer will again distribute 1 face-up card to each player and one face-down card to himself. If the face-up card of the dealer is an ace of 10-value card, the player will ask him to show the face-down card.

If the total value of cards to the dealers is equal to or more than 17, he dealer must stand (means he must not ask for the card). If value if less than 17, he may call for hit i.e. can take additional card.

It must be noted here that if the dealer has got an ace and 6 (or card having value more than 6), he must count the ace as 11 and NOT 1. In this case, he must stand. Players however have liberty to take additional card in the similar situation.

Normally the player to the left of the dealer get the first chance to call stand or hit means whether he wants additional card or not. The player must ensure that he does not cross 21 or it be burst for him and he will have to surrender bet to the dealer. Once this player calls for stand, the dealer moves to the other player next to 1st player.

When a player get first two cards of same value, knows as split pair, he may treat each card separately when his turn comes. The bet placed will be assigned to one card in this case and an equal amount bet must be placed on the 2nd card. He calls for hit and stand for 1st card first; then he does the same for 2nd card. As an exception when a player gets two ace cards and the next card he gets is of 10 value, then he wins only 1X of the bet amount NOT 1.5X as blackjack in any other time.

In case of situation when a player’s total card value in first two card is either 9, 10, or 11, he may double the initial bet placed. The dealer in this case will give just one face-down card to the player. This card is turned up in the end while settling the bet. So, when a player, for example, get two cards of 5, he has three options to deal with it:

  • Double down
  • Split pair, or
  • Play normally

A player may also place a side bet of up to 0.5x of original bet, called insurance, when the dealer’s face up card is ace. The side bet is whether the dealer’s face down card’s value is 10 or not. If it’s a 10-value card i.e. blackjack for the dealer. The players who had placed a side would get 2x of the side bet. The hand get over and players lose their bet unless they have blackjack too (a stand-off situation).

What should be the strategy to win in Blackjack?

Blackjack is a skill game and a player’s game hugely depends on what is the face-up card value of the dealer. This tells the player if there is chance of going bust or not. Let’s analyse these three situations:

  • If the face up value of the card of dealer is ace, 7,8, 9, or 10, then low value cards are left to be dealt and therefore the player must call for hit unless his cards value is 17 or more.
  • If the value of face up card of dealer is 4,5 6, the player must call for hit unless he reaches 12 or more. Doing so the player is leaving the high value cards for dealer and creating a chance for him going bust.
  • If the value of face up card of the dealer is 2,3 players must reach 13 or more by taking hit option and increasing chances of the dealer going bust.

When there is soft hand, player must try to reach 18 in order to increase the chance of reaching closest to 21 without going bust.

What is Double down strategy in blackjack?

Following strategy has proven to be giving better result when it comes to double down:

  • If the value of 1st two cards is 11 => Always double down
  • If the value of 1st two cards is 10=> Double down only if the face up card value of dealer is NOT either ace or 10.
  • If the value of 1st two cards is 9=> Double down only if the face up card value of dealer is very poor i.e. 2,3, 5, or 6.

What is Split pair strategy in blackjack?

Over a period of time and mathematical simulations have found the following split strategies work more often creating chance of winning in a blackjack game: If card in pair is

  • Ace => Always split.
  • 2,3 => Split only if dealer’s face up card value is NOT Ace, 8,9, or 10.
  • 4 => don’t split.
  • 5=> Don’t split. Instead use in doubling down.
  • 6 => Split only if dealer face up card value is 2,3,4,5, or 6.
  • 7 => Same as 2,3 card
  • 8=> Same as Ace
  • 9=> Split only if dealer face up card value is good value.

Some questions around blackjack card game

Should I hit on a 12 in blackjack?

This question come with a fear of going bust. When your cards value is 12, the only 10-value cards can bust you i.e. ace, 2-9 will cards not burst you means around 65% chances are there of you not going bust, but it must not be played blindly. The strategy around this should be based on the face-up card of the dealer. If the dealer’s face up card value is weak, there is higher chance of you getting big value cards and increased chances of going burst, so don’t call for hit. If the face up card value of dealer is good, you may take a chance of calling hit.

Is blackjack a game of luck or skill?

Blackjack is definitely a game of skill. It must be played with strategy. There is no luck factor here

Can I win real money in blackjack?

Yes, of course, but you must master the skill of the game. You just can't win in blackjack just being lucky. Starting to play blackjack game? Here are some more useful information for playing blackjack casino game

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