Health benefits or harms of online casino?


Gambling is addictive, we all know that. it can cause financial loss if one does not stop when he should stop (but it must be mentioned here in the same breath that it also makes one win sometimes a handsome amount and brings financial gain to him), but what are the other harms other than financial loss? Is there any harm that it causes to your health? Does it have any negative impact on your health? Is online casino any better compared to land based casino when it comes to health.

A frequent land casino visitors may get exposed to second hand tobacco some which may lead to higher chances of lung cancer and breast cancer. It has been found that ventilation system or separate smoking room does keep the smoke out; and the cooling and the heating system make the smoke get distributed equally inside the building instead of removing it.

A person may also suffer hearing loss due to ambience noise. A player may feel eye, nose, and airways irritation due to regular exposure to metal coin counting process. These coins are mostly made of nickel, copper, zinc which are believed to cause such irritations.

Apart from that a player may have musculoskeletal injury (MSI). MSI is a kind of injury that happens due to repetitive motion. In a casino, a player has to do the same thing on casino table again and again for hours. This may lead to MSI.

One can also not deny the possibility of physical injury in a casino. With noise, alcohol, and smoke emotion run high which may lead to physical assault. Casino always have huge cash available which also may lead to robbery and a fear, although very little given that all casinos have their own security arrangement, getting injured during this unfortunate incident.

While all the above-mentioned health problems can be avoided at Online casino, there is a different type of health issue here that one may get affected negatively.

Online casino can be addictive, called progressive addiction, and there can have adverse psychological, physical, and social problems. People affected by this compulsive behavior/addiction are said to have issue of problem gambling.

Problem gambling may lead to the feeling of depression, distress, and helplessness. They may have developed strained relationship with their family or friends as they may miss some important dates with them due to problem gambling.

What are Health benefits of casino?

So casino or gambling can be problematic if one is suffering from problem gambling, but if played in controlled fashion it can be super fun. There are some positive impacts of casino on health too.

  • Happy Mood - Online casino makes you happier. One study showed that people who were playing online casino were happier than the people who relied on television for entertainment.
  • Financial Win - It makes you win money on a good day, but good day may not come simply by playing. One must learn the tips and strategies for playing online casino.
  • Mental skill improvement - It improves your skills like observation, mental task, number pattern etc
  • Social skills - It helps you socialize

Some question around online casino and health

Does Gambling affect your health?

In short it does. If you are a regular visitor to land casino, you may get exposed to second hand tobacco which may increase the chance of lung and breast cancer. There is also a chance of hearing loss due to noisy ambience; and eye, nose, airways irritation due to metal coins. When it comes to online casino one may suffers from problem gambling which may cause depression, distress and helplessness

On positive side, online casino makes you happier and improves your observational and mental task solving ability if played in controlled fashion

What are the negative effect of online casino

Apart from financial loss on your bad day, it may cause depression, distress and helplessness if not played in controlled fashion. Some games involve no physical activities and just pressing of button which may cause some health-related issue.

Is online casino a mental health issue?

Definitely not. It’s not a mental health issue. If played in controlled fashion it rather improves observational and number pattern skills. But if one suffers from problem gambling, he/she may get affected from mental issue. Problem gambler must seek help from family and professionals.

Disclaimer This is just the opinion expressed by the writer and WatchMySpin does not claim to be expert in health-related suggestion. One must not treat these as professional suggestion and must consult a professional in case he/she feels the need of.