What is Wagering Requirement or playthrough requirement?

Understand Wagering Requirement for Bonus

Wagering requirement, also known as Playthrough requirement, is one of the major points which comes into the mind of a player when he chooses an online casino to play. It is very trivial sometimes for a new player to understand the concept of wagering requirement.

So, what is wagering requirement?

Wagering requirement means the number of times a player is required to play the bonus amount before he is allowed to withdraw cash that may include bonus as well as the winning amount i.e., if a player gets the bonus, whether after depositing or as a part of no deposit offer, he cannot withdraw the cash unless plays/stakes certain number of times of this bonus amount

What does 20x wagering means?

20x wagering means a player can withdraw cash only if he plays at least 20 times the bonus amount.

Example- You join an online casino which offers 100% up to £100 and has a 20x wagering requirement for bonus. You deposit £100 and get a match up 100% bonus of £100. Now you need to bet the £100 bonus 20 times to cash it.

There are wagering requirements where you need to wager both the deposit and bonus before you can withdraw the winnings. So, if you have deposited £100 and got a match up bonus of £100. Then you have to wager both the deposit and bonus at least 20 times before you can withdraw the remaining as winnings. A player needs to read the terms and conditions of the bonus carefully. There are casinos which has wagering requirement of 20x, 40x,60x and 100x. Generally, the no deposit bonuses have higher wagering requirements than the deposit bonuses.

What happens when wagering requirement is not met?

The bonuses are revoked if there are not wagering within a specific period of time. The bonuses have recently been audited very closely by the regulatory authorities in the industry. Especially in the UK market the bonuses are highly taxed as the regulators want brands to put a curb on the bonuses. Therefore, the brands are now very restricted and set a maximum limit of bonuses. Recently we can see a trend in different online casinos where they are lowering the wagering as they want more players to deposit and wager the bonuses.

Wagering requirement is kept high so that players cannot abuse the bonus given as part of offer, but still some player try to beat the wagering requirement by playing low variance online casino games or slot and betting high. This helps them bet specified amount without taking much risk and keeping most of the amount intact eventually beating the wagering requirement.

Normally no deposit offers keep the wagering requirements very high. WatchMySpin, being the low deposit online casino, has relatively lower wagering requirement. The wagering requirement is to just keep the bonus abusers at bay and encourage only good players.

Some questions around wagering requirement

Can I avail no deposit offer and withdraw the cash?

No, you can’t withdraw the cash against the bonus unless wagering requirements are met. Online casinos normally put a wagering requirement to discourage bonus abuses. There are so many players who hunt for free bonuses and try to encash the bonus. The wagering requirement is a way to curb this sort of bonus abuse.

How do you beat wagering requirements?

One must be aware that beating the wagering requirement just to claim bonus amount may come under bonus abusing and one may get blacklisted by the online casino. There are two ways one can beat the wagering requirements. First, either they play the low variance slots/games and bet high to surpass the wagering requirements or, Second, they play the high variance game and bet really low.

Is wagering requirement and play through requirement same?

Yes, both are the same in context of online casino.

Which offers have more wagering requirements- no deposit or deposit offers?

Since no deposit offers gives bonus without a player needing to deposit, naturally they keep higher wagering requirement compared to deposit offers which gives bonus only when a certain amount is deposited by the player.