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Online casino has been ever evolving since its beginning. There has been change in technology for the good of the gambling industry. The casino games have been experimenting a lot too. Earlier in the very beginning the gambling industry tried to simply create the online version of land-based casino by copying its game as it was, but later on, gaming developers realised that much more things can be introduced into these games including algorithm, transparency, sound track, pay lines, symbols, themes et al. All these features brought more player engagement. Playing casino was much more fun that too at the comfort of home. No wonder online casino industry has been growing leap and bounds.

Online casino games played a pivotal role in terms of popularity of online casinos. Players across the world are hooked up to play their favourite casino games on these online casinos. All they need are a proper internet connection and mobile/smartphone/computer/tab which are anyway available with every one nowadays.

As mentioned initially online casino games were just online version of their offline version, but over time many things were introduced. With software there was no restriction of reel and rows and pay line. Traditionally due to constrains of hardware or space there was limitation in such things. Games were developed based on themes. Earlier one could only experiment with voice and sound, but now online version games literally take to feel the theme of the game. A player no longer needs to pull the lever to start playing a slot or casino game. All they need to do is choose and place bet and select auto play. The software takes care of the rest in terms of “pulling the lever”. Of course, a player has the full control of when then want to change the bet or stop the play.

What are some of the popular Online Casino games?

Some of the popular casino games are:

Slot games with combination of reels are rows. When a slot is played symbols appear in reels. If any pattern matches the pay line, a player win. One must have seen such machine at public places wherein when a coin is put, a combination of symbols appears and form a pattern. Online slot is just extended version of same concept.

Roulette is that famous wheel and ball game. The ball rotates in the wheel and a correct prediction of ball stop point make one win. There are many variations in this game too. Some of the popular roulettes are American Roulette, French Roulette, and Auto Roulette La Partage.

Baccarat is a card game. The aim of any player here is to bet on a hand which is closer to 9. Each card from Ace to 9 has same value assigned as their numeric value. Card above 9 has 0 value. There are two types of bets here- common and side bet.

Blackjack is again a card game which has good popularity. It’s simple to play and can reward you quite handsomely if you win. One can place main and side bet here.

Jackpots are the slots/games which takes part in jackpot prize money. Every time a player plays a jackpot slot/game, a fraction of the bet goes toward jackpots prize money. Once jackpot conditions meet, jackpot winner takes the whole jackpot money.

Poker is a card games wherein a player tries to gain highest value hand among all the players. The value of hand depends on a number of combination of cards.

The Best Online Slot Games in UK

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Some common questions around online casino games

Can we play online casino games for free?

Normally an online casino has a demo version of an online casino game which can be played for free to get a feel of the game. All you need to do is make an account on the online casino. There will be no real money involved here, but in order to play for real only you need to make deposit on online casino. Some online casino provides no deposit offer means when a player signs up, he/she gets some bonus credited to his/her account which can be used to play the online casino game for real money. This is in a way playing an online casino game for free, but real money can be won. Most of the casinos are low deposit casino , means the minimum deposit starts as low as £10

Are the casino games rigged?

Definitely not. Casino games are not rigged. Every casino game has to pass some fair play tests from the regulator before they are allowed to be played by the players. Small game developer or small casinos without license may do rigging, but they get exposed sooner or later. That’s why one must play only properly licensed online casino. There are a couple of checks on how to choose an online casino which one must do to ensure there is no rigging and games are fair for all the parties.

Who are the top game developers of online casino?

Some of the online casino game developed are Netent, playtech, Evolution gaming, Micro gaming, Scientific gaming etc

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