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WatchMySpin is one of the top blackjack online casinos in the UK which has a number of mobile blackjack games. It lets its player play blackjack online. A player can also play blackjack online for real money . Sign up for free and start playing blackjack online game. Also check out our complete guide to play live blackjack games .

Online blackjack is an online replica of the blackjack game which is played in real world almost everywhere. In a way, it’s computer simulated interactive video. Only thing is that this is played online with the help of smart internet enabled devices. In online blackjack casino , cards are reshuffled almost every time. A new card is generated every time using Random Number Generator (RNG) Engine. This engine must not be confused with any physical engine. It’s basically a software code or algorithm which is audited by regulators in order to ensure the algorithm is fair for the players and the house.

Online casino games, including online blackjack UK, can also be played online, live. The live blackjack version is a bit closer to the real-life blackjack. In live blackjack, all the things happen in real time i.e. a live real person comes as dealer on your computer/mobile’s screen and distribute cards. All the activities or action of the live dealer is streamed live to your device. So, the player playing the live blackjack will be watching every movement of the dealer to his satisfaction that everything running fairly and in front of their eyes.

By now we know the online blackjack or live blackjack is actually the same blackjack which is played in real-life. But the media which facilitate this (or bring dealer and players together) is online. That means rules of blackjack and online blackjack game remain the same. That also means the same real-life strategies can work in online live blackjack too.

So, let’s see what are the rule and strategies around a blackjack game first. Once we know them, we can safely assume that we know those about online blackjack or live blackjack as well. One caveat that must be however be noted here that there are many variations of playing blackjack online game. These variations can come in the form of soft hand, dealer stand, payout etc. These variations are aimed to bring more fun by the online blackjack casino. Although these variations are too small to change the overall approach towards the blackjack online game, a player is advised to read these rules before playing.

Some of the Variations of Blackjacks Online Games are:
  • Classic Blackjack
  • Progressive blackjack
  • European blackjack
  • Atlantic city blackjack
  • Vegas strip blackjack

What is a Blackjack Online Game?

Blackjack online game, like its counterpart in real world, is a card game. It’s known by different names. Some of the names of this game are: 21, Vingt-Un, Pontoon, game. Blackjack online game is played with pack or packs of card. The most common version of blackjack online game used in blackjack casinos use 6 packs. Each pack has 52 cards.

Blackjack was first player around mid 18th century and has been popular since then. It’s not just a casino game, but home game too. People play in family gathering on some occasions. The goal of a player is to score more than the dealer while reaching closer or equal to 21 without crossing it.

What Does 21 Mean in Blackjack and What Should Be Strategies to Reach 21 or Closer to It?

Please note the 21 means the value of cards here. Each card has certain value in blackjack games. Most of the card has the face value with some exceptions. Here are the values of the card:

  • Ace =1 or 11 It’s on player or dealer (Dealer has some restrictions though.
  • 2-10= Face value.
  • J (Jack), King (K), Queen(Q) = 10.

Terminologies that are used in blackjack which a player must know

Dealer : Dealer is the person which conduct the game and do shuffling of cards, handling bet, dealing with cards etc.

Soft hand : We saw an ace is treated as either 1 or 11. When ace is counted as 11, it’s called soft hand. So, in a way it’s the highest value card in blackjack. For example, when a player has an ace and a 3-value card. He may count it either 1+3 = 4 or 11+3 =14. The dealer has some restriction when it comes to soft hand.

Stand: When a player or the dealer does not want another card, and stands on the card they have.

Hit: When a player or the dealer wants an additional card in an attempt to reaching closer or equal to 21.

Burst: This is the case when the total value of cards of a player or the dealer goes over 21.

Split pair: This is the case when a player gets two same value cards and he chooses to treat each of these cards separately. This does not apply for the dealer.

Double down: This is the case when the value of up facing card of the dealer is an ace. In this case, the players can place a side bet of up to 0.5 times. The side bet will be on the prediction that the dealer’s face-down card value would be 10 (10, J, K, or Q) resulting in natural blackjack for the dealer.

Insurance: When the value of face-up card of dealer is an ace, the players may place a side bet of up to 0.5x. So, if the dealer’s face-down card value is 10 (any 10-value card), it would result in blackjack.

Stand off:When both the dealer and a player have the same value of cards.

Deal:Deal is the round when game starts afresh and all players have placed their bets. The dealer then distributes the card. Firstly, he gives 1upfacing card to all the players including himself; then he gives 1 up-facing cards to all the players EXCEPT himself. The dealer takes the card facing down.

If the dealer’s up-facing card is an ace or ten-value card, other players can see the down-facing card of the dealer; or else the players can’t see the dealer’s face-down card. A player can place side bet, insurance, in case the dealer’s up-facing card is an ace.

Natural BlackjackWhen a player or the dealer has value of cards equals to 21 exactly in first two cards. This happens when the player or the dealer has an ace (value 11) and other card having value 10 (10, K, Q, or J). The payout changes depending on who has the natural blackjack as mentioned below:

  • Case 1: Player(s) has blackjack AND dealer does not have it => Dealer pays 1.5 times the betting amount to the player
  • Case 2: Player(s) does not have blackjack, but he dealer has it => Dealer collect the bet amount from the player(s).
  • Case 3: Player(s) and dealer have the blackjack => It’s a tie/stand-off. Player takes back the bet amount.

How to Play Blackjack Online?

Playing blackjack game online is same as playing blackjack in real life in terms of rules and strategies, but in order to play online casino certain things that you must have. These are:

  • Firstly, you must be legally old enough to play it.
  • You must have an online account in a blackjack online casino. They will ensure, after verifying your documents, if you are allowed to play the online casino games or not.once you meet all the criteria account will be created.
  • Now go to the blackjack online casino’s website or online casino app, deposit some amount in order to start placing your online casino bets, join a table, wait for the players and the dealer (in case of live blackjack), and start playing blackjack online .

Once the players and dealers are in and players have placed their bet, the dealer start distributing cards. Firstly, he gives 1up-facing card to all the players including himself; then he gives 1 up-facing cards to all the players EXCEPT himself. The dealer takes the card facing down.If the face-up card of the dealer is an ace of 10-value card, the player will ask him to show the face-down card and before that they can place a side bet called insurance.

The blackjack game runs clockwise that means the player who is to the left of the dealer get thevery first chance to play. Player looks at his cards and call for either hit or stand while making sure that the value does not cross 21 or it will be burst for him and he will have to surrender bet to the dealer.

Once this player calls for stand, the dealer moves to the other player next to 1st player.

When the up-facing card of the dealer is an ace, a player can place a side bet, called insurance, about whether the down-facing card of the dealer has value of 10 or not. If it’s a 10-value card (10, J, K, or Q), the dealer gets natural blackjack resulting in all players losing their bet amount unless they have the blackjack too. But this side bet in the form of insurance give a chance to protect that to some extent. If the original bet of a plyer was x, the maximum side bet, insurance, he can place is 0.5x. If he wins, he would get 2 times of 0.5x i.e. original amount. So, the insurance can protect the original bet at best.

What are the dealer’s rules in blackjack online casinos?

There are certain rules especially for dealer (and not for players) in blackjack games. Some blackjack online casinos also add some rules for dealer in order to give benefits to players. One must learn about these rules before playing blackjack online game. The most common rules are:

Rule 1:If the total value of cards to the dealers
>= 17 => he dealer must stand.
< 17 => he may call for hit.

Rule 2: If the dealer has got an ace and 6 or more valued card, he must count the ace as 11 and NOT 1. In this case, he must stand. Players however have liberty to take additional card in the similar situation.

Rule 3:The dealer cannot double down or split pair.

What Are the Basic Blackjack Strategies?

In order to win in a blackjack, game a player must use strategy. Plane simple strategy will only increase the house edge. The strategy begins once the player receives the two cards from the dealers. A player has to go for natural blackjack, closest number to 21 which should be more than that of the dealer while ensuring that he does not get bust (value exceeds 21). A player’sbasic blackjack strategy is also dependent on up-facing card of the dealer. Let’s have a look at the strategy for more profitability depending upon up-facing card of the dealer:

  • Case 1:If the up-facingcard of the dealer is an ace, 7,8, 9, or 10, that means low value cards are left to be dealt and therefore the player must call for hit unless his cards value is 17 or more.
  • Case 2:If the value of up-facing card of dealer is 4,5 6, the player must call for hit unless he reaches 12 or more. Doing so the player is leaving the high value cards for dealer and creating a chance for him going bust.
  • Case 3: If the value of face up card of the dealer is 2,3 players must reach 13 or more by taking hit option and increasing chances of the dealer going bust.

In case of soft hand, a player must try to reach 18 in order to increase the chance of reaching closest to 21 while not going bust.

When to Go for Double Down in Blackjack?

Double down is the case when a player doubles the bet amount. Double down is allowed when the sum of the card values, of first two cards, is either 9, 10, or 11. The dealer here gives just one face-down card to the player. This card is turned up in the end while settling the bet. So, when a player, for example, get two cards of 5, he has three options to deal with it:

  • Double down
  • Split pair, or
  • Play Normally

Following tips have proven to be useful while doing double down:

  • If the value of 1st two cards is 11 => Always double down
  • If the value of 1st two cards is 10 => Double down only if the face up card value of dealer is NOT either ace or 10.
  • If the value of 1st two cards is 9=> Double down only if the face up card value of dealer is very poor i.e. 2,3, 5, or 6.

When to Go for Split Pair Strategy in Blackjack?

When a player get first two cards of same value, he may treat each card separately when his turn comes. The bet placed will be assigned to one card in this case and an equal amount bet must be placed on the 2nd card. He for the 1st card first; then he plays for 2nd card. When a player, however, gets two ace cards and the next card he gets is of 10 value, then he wins only 1X of the bet amount NOT 1.5X as blackjack in any other time.

Following split tips seem to have been working for players:
If card value is-

  • Ace => split.
  • 2,3 => Split if dealer’s up-facing card value is NOT Ace, 8,9, or 10.
  • 4 => don’t split.
  • 5=> Don’t split. Instead use in doubling down.
  • 6 => Split if dealer face up card value is 2,3,4,5, or 6.
  • 7 =>Split if dealer’s up-facing card value is NOT Ace, 8,9, or 10.
  • 8=>Split.
  • 9=> Split only if dealer up-facing card value is a good value.

Some Question Around Online Blackjack

Can you make real money playing online blackjack?

Yes, you can. Many do. But you need to learn the game and play it well. You simply can’t win because of your luck. Read the tips and strategies above to win in online blackjack.

Is it legal to play blackjack online?

Yes, it’s legal provided you are in gambling age. Our support team will make sure and only after proper verification your account will be created.

Can Online Blackjack be trusted?

Any certified online casino has all the games audited for regulator to make sure there is fair play for everyone. Online Blackjack can also be trusted.

Can you make a living playing online blackjack?

Blackjack online is not a game where you can expect to win consistently. Depending on how well you play, you may be able to win repeatedly to an extent. It is also possible that you might win a substantial amount of money to sustain you for a few months if you are truly lucky. Online blackjack, however, should not be expected to provide you with a steady stream of winnings.