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Online scratch cards in UK are most popular instant win mobile games. Online scratch cards are part of UK’s national lottery program also. It’s estimated that 90% casino player have played scratch card games at least once in their life time and almost 50% of that have been playing ever since. What makes scratch cards so popular? Why scratch cards are much in demand in UK? Why players are buying more online scratch cards than physical scratch cards? We will try to find answers to all these question in this article.

Scratch cards, in general, are so popular that they are found in almost every corner shop or post office in UK. Apart from that there are regional national lottery centres. National lottery also sell online scratch cards through its website similar to many other online casinos in UK .

The main reasons behind the popularity of scratch cards in UK are the simplicity, affordability, and the jackpots which have potential to change the life of a player in no time. One really does not have to be a genius in order to play scratch cards; neither one has to be in practice for years to beat the dealer like in roulette or blackjack games. It’s so simple that even a person with no prior experience can play scratch cards in UK .

Play Scratch Cards Online in UK – Scratch Cards UK

Affordability is another main reason for the popularity of scratch cards in UK. One does not have to wager real big amount to play scratch cards in UK. There is no wagering requirement for online scratch cards also. One can buy scratch cards for as low as £1either offline or online and start playing scratch card games. It’s that simple.

Scratch cards can also win you jackpots. Although the odd of winning a jackpot with the help of lottery scratch card is very thin, still there are chance to winning a life-changing jackpot.

Nowadays one can buy scratch cards online too. Although rules of playing for online scratch cards are same, they are even more simple when it comes to variation of games, matching the result, storing the scratch card, or even redemption. Online casinos have developed scratch cards games similar to mobile casino games and slots which add more fun while playing.

National lottery scratch card online- WatchMySpin

Looking at the popularity of scratch card, apart from online casino, national lottery also has online scratch cards . One can buy around 50 national lottery scratch cards online from its website.

Before we know the variation in online scratch cards in UK, let’s first understand the basic terminologies used so we understand better. Basics terms in scratch cards:

  • Break even cards give just the cost of the scratch card while payout cards give more than the cost of the cards.
  • Payback or payout rate is how much amount or £ a scratch is able to give back to a player for every spent £.
  • Payback or payout rate = total amount you are likely to win/total cost of the card.
  • Jackpot odds: Probability of winning a jackpot on a scratch card.

The Variations in online scratch card games

When it comes to online scratch cards there are many variations which can be categorized into following categories:

  • Instant win scratch cards online: Such online scratch card doesn’t make you wait for the result. Just click the panel and get to know the result if you won or not. This is the simplest scratch cards where there is only one chance. Either you win or lose.
  • Multiple chance scratch cards online: Unlike the single chance online scratch cards, a player gets multiple chances to win. Normally such scratch cards have a winning symbol and the players have to match that by scratching their scratch cards. Player can scratch more than one scratch cards.
  • Lines: In this online scratch cards, a player has to match a line or pattern with a particular symbols or number. Online casino players must be familiar with slots wherein they win by matching a pattern in reel and rows. The line scratch cards are similar to slot. A player win if he matches the winning pattern.
  • Casino games: A simple idea from online casino games like blackjack, roulette, or poker has been borrowed here. A dealer has been introduced and online scratch card players have to scratch off a card to see if his number is more than that of dealer or not. If number is more, player wins or else he loses.

How do you ensure maximum win in scratch card in UK?

cratch cards are luck driven and require no skill. Still there are some ways which can ensure maximum win or best odd for you. National Lottery in UK publishes information as to how many prizes are left in a scratch card edition. It also says how many scratch cards have been sold and how many are remaining. One can ensure the best odd when he buys scratch cards where more number of prizes are left and less scratch cards are left to be sold. Additionally, you must check following points being buying a scratch card in UK:

  • The probability of having winning card. Remember there are two cards- break-even and win card. Higher the probability of winning card, higher the odd for you to win the real money.
  • The Payout rate: Higher the payout or payback rate, better positioned you are for winning real money. So, choose scratch card which has better payout rate.
  • Higher jackpot odd: Choose a scratch card which has higher jackpot odd.
  • While selecting any online scratch card, choose low variance games. That means these online scratch card games will not win you huge, but the winning frequency will be more. High variance online scratch card games more winning sum, but the win is less frequent.

What are the best scratch cards to buy in UK?

There are many online casino which have their own mobile online scratch card games. They vary in terms of genre, jackpot amount, prize money. Some online casino also give free scratch cards to play, so when it comes to best online scratch cards each online casino has its best scratch card game. A player must check the payback rate, variance, number of prizes, and amount of jackpot and decide for himself the best online scratch card.

National lotter program has also come up with online scratch cards. One can buy scratch cards online in UK and also see the information about a particular edition of scratch card online in terms of how many scratch cards have been sold or how many prizes are still remaining in the edition.

When it comes to choosing the best offline scratch card, let’s compare some of the popular scratch cards in UK.

Gold Edition (£250K) £100 Loaded Lucky Bonus Money Spinner Cash Match £100K multiplier Ruby 7S doubler Festive £500/ fruity 500s Bonus and cashword
Scratch card value £2 £2 £2 £2 £1 £1 £2 £5 £3
Pay out Rate 69.5% 65.98% 64.04% 65.46% 61.45% 65.46% 70.99% 66.99%
# Main Games 3 1 2 1 3 3 1 1
Bonus Game 1 1 1 1 2 1
Jackpot Amount £250K £80K £50K £10K £100K £70K £500K £300K

Different scratch card edition in UK

Keeping the above points in mind, we can safely say that festive £500 and Gold edition scratch cards are the best scratch cards to buy in UK. It must be noted here that there were £10 scratch cards also in UK, but that were removed due to risk of increase in problem gambling issues.

How to play scratch cards?

Playing scratch cards is really simple. The rules are predefined and one has to find or match some pattern of symbol(s) as per the defined rule. The symbols are concealed inside a thin film of scratch card which can be revealed by removing the thin film.

While playing online scratch cards, one simply has to hover or click on the scratch card panel to reveal the hidden symbol or number. Some online scratch cards have option to click and reveal all the numbers at once. This saves time of the players. Rules are easy to understand. Which could be as simple as just comparing two number or forming a line pattern.

Scratch cards in UK normally come with games- main games and bonus games. These games have prizes. The game can be simple about matching pattern or finding symbol or it can it can be based on some theme. Some online casinos also have adopted casino games which has scratch card. For example, they have introduced dealer and if player’s scratch card’s value is more than that of dealer’s, player wins.

One can also play scratch card online on WatchMySpin. It hosts a number of scratch cards games. These scratch card games can be played online with the help of mobile phone or computers.

Some FAQs on Scratch Cards

What is £2 scratch card in UK?

£2 scratch cards by national lottery program are the scratch cards which has at least two games. The probability of winning in £2 scratch card is 25% that means 1 out of 4 cards would be winning card, but winning does not always mean the profit. Sometimes the winning amount includes the cost of scratch cards, also known as break even scratch card. If you exclude the break-even card the winning probability is around 16%. National lottery program has three types of £2 scratch cards:

  • Gold Edition: The prize value her is £250k. Payback rate is around 69.5%. It has 4 games; 3 different games + 1 bonus game. In order to win in-
    • Game1, one has to scratch out diamond symbol. One can win any amount between £2 and £250,000
    • Game 2, one has to scratch out crossed finger symbol. The win amount could be anywhere between £2 and £100
    • Game 3 gives total 6 scratching chances with 6 values between £2-£250000. If one finds 3 value same, he wins that amount.
    • Game 4 or bonus game gives £10 once you reveal 10 symbol.
  • Ruby 7s doubler: It has two games- one main game and another bonus one. It has a jackpot of £70,000. It is said to be having most number of cards in the payout range of £10-100. In the main game, there are 8 rows and one has to reveal 3 7’s in any one row. The prize money gets doubled if all the 7’s are red. In the bonus game, there is only one scratch chance. If one gets fingers crossed symbol, he wins.
  • Red Edition: The prize value here is £500k and the payback rate Is 68.01%
  • £100 Loaded: The prize at stake here is £100 and payback rate is 65.98%. Although the prize may look small, there are many jackpots ticket. To compensate that the winning probability is more. There are two games here too- main game and the bonus game. The bonus game has prize money £40 when crossed-finger sign is revealed.
Apart from these there are two more version- lucky bonus and money spinner.

What is £5 scratch card in UK?

£5 scratch cards are currently the highest value scratch card in UK ever since £10 scratch cards were removed from sale. In £5 scratch card, there are many breakeven card. In fact, number of break-even cards are equal to total number of any winning card. This makes making profit a bit difficult here. Nonetheless the payout rate in £5 scratch cards are around 70%.

These are the top £5 scratch cards in UK:

Christmas Advent Calendar Fruity 500s/Festive 500s 12 month richer Triple jackpot
Payout Rate 69.95% 70.99% 71.93% 70.83%
Max Jackpot Prize £1000K £500K £1200K £1350K
Odd of Making Profit 1/6.01 1/6.5 1/5.6 1/5.77

£5 scratch cards in UK

Which is the best scratch card to buy for real money in UK?

A scratch card which has high payback rate is obviously the best scratch card to buy and play, but payback rate is not the sole criteria. One should also be great in term of odd of making profit because there are many break-even scratch cards in UK which just gives the cost of the scratch card and does not help in making profit. Again, although, chance of jackpot in any scratch card game in UK is slim, one must not totally ignore this. A scratch card with good jackpot prize is any day better. Considering this our vote goes to Festive £500/ fruity 500s- in £5 scratch card edition in UK. It has around 71% payout rate. In £2 scratch card edition, gold edition is the best one.

While playing online scratch one should also choose between low variance and high variance games. A low variance game the payout would be often, but the value of payout would be low. While in high variance game, the payout will be more, but the frequency of win will be less.

How do you win big in scratch cards in UK?

In order to win big, you need to select scratch cards which have high value jackpots and good payback rate. But, since there are many cards in such editions, one need to buy scratch cards in bulk too in order to have more and more scratch card with him. Although there is no guarantee of big win, but one can follow these steps to ensure more wins:

  • Buy good value scratch cards like £5 one.
  • Buy scratch cards in bulk or more
  • Buy the scratch cards which have more prizes left to be won. All such information is published on national lottery website.
  • Store your old tickets. Sometimes even they win jackpots when there is no jackpot winner. A losing ticket is chosen.
  • Don’t keep changing the games because that will “reset” the odd of winning for you. Instead choose one and stick to it.

Can you win big real money on online scratch card?

Yes absolutely. Although the odd of hitting jackpot is low, but there is not denying that people are already winning good real money playing online scratch cards online. One has to carefully chose the game though. Please read above as to how to win big in scratch card in UK

Where can I redeem scratch card win?

Same shops where scratch cards are bought from can even redeem the scratch cards of value up to £100. Post offices have higher limit when it comes to redemption. They can redeem up to £500. One can also redeem through post or by walking down to regional national lottery system. People normally visit national lottery centers for redemption of coupons worth more than £500. In online scratch cards redemption request can placed on the online casino site and the win will be credited to associated account of the player.