An introduction to online scratch cards

An Introduction to Online Scratch Card Games

Online Scratch cards seem to be always in fashion and it’s never going to fade away because of their simplicity, affordability, promptness. Scratch cards are used to reward the buyer instantaneously. They are almost everywhere since they were started in 1974. Every promotion almost uses it- be it retail giant like Tesco or Telecom companies, or any other companies. Why would online casinos stay behind? The online casinos joined the race too. With the advancement of technology, it became much easier to develop scratch card online. In UK scratch cards are also part of national lottery program and sold by The National Lottery.

So what are online scratch cards and online scratch card games?

Scratch card games in online casino are those games which offer scratch card in order to win real money in the form of bonus or free spins. You can eventually use these free spins to win additional bonus or real money during the course of game.

Online scratch cards games are a kind of instant win games wherein a player does not have to wait for the result or win or loss. The players get to know the result almost the very next time.

How do online scratch cards work?

It’s very simple. You must have seen a scratch card in real life wherein you scratch the card and you get some prize as a reward of winning. Normally that prize remains mentioned understand that scratch card which remains covered with a thin film which can easily be scratched to see the prize letter written underneath.

Online scratch cards are no different. Here online replica of physical scratch card is created with the help of software which when clicked on hovered on, the prize gets revealed.

Online casinos in UK have adopted this scratch cards too. They sell scratch cards and in prize they give real money, free bonus, or free spins. Once you have won/purchased/got online scratch card, you need to click on it and move the cursor on it to clear the thin layer over it. If you are playing on a mobile casino smartphone, just clear the film rubbing your finger against it. You get the winning award/prize written on it. Although It is replica of an offline scratch cards, but it’s slightly easier when it comes to scratching. Offline scratch cards are scratched with difficulty using nails of metal pieces.

How to play online scratch card games in online casino in UK?

Playing scratch card games in online casino is no different except that you will be provided with an online interface where you need to click on the coin selector to choose the size of your bet or adjust it by clicking it to upper or lower value. Again, using the same interface one has to click or hover to reveal the hidden letter or number to match to pre-decided winning pattern.

What are benefit of playing scratch card games online than doing offline?

Online scratch cards are very easy to scratch and you don’t have to use your nails or coin or metal piece of scratch the film. Online scratch cards are also easy to store. They are much more secured and they come with huge variations. They can be bought from anywhere, anytime and of any value. Apart from playing, storing, buying them easily, they are also very easy in terms of claiming the win.

WatchMySpin a number of games where you can win scratch cards. The games have been developed by developers like Nextgen, IGT, IWG, Gamevy, et al. These are mostly instant win games And you don’t have to wait for the result to claim the prize.

Some question around online scratch cards in UK

Are lottery and scratch cards same?

No, Lottery is like selecting a number and expecting that the number will come when number will be drawn from bigger pot. Normally more people buy lottery ticket and pot size if big, so the odd of winning is less compared to online scratch cards.

How do I get to know if I won in a scratch card games?

It’s very simple and fast. The moment one reveals the letter of number of symbol from the scratch card and if they match from the pre-decided pattern, you win. Normally in online casino games sound and graphics will tell you if you won or not. They tell you the very second.