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Promotions include all the offers that keep on coming every now and then. Promotion section lists all the offers and promotions which are network wide. These offers are not specific to WatchMySpin. There are many promotional offers that keep running throughout the year. The nature of such offers could be occasional, like Good Friday one; day-specific, like the offers runs on every Thursday; month specific, like offer for January; Seasonal, like summer offer; and so on. Besides there may have promotions around daily drop and wins means a player can simply visit any day and can get surprised about the offers provided to him.

There are some online casino game or slot related promotions as well. A particular casino game or slot can have promotion for certain period.

This section lists all the promotion that we had once or have now. All the listed promotions may not be active. A player is advised to check about the latest offer running on WatchMySpin and play accordingly. For any kind of assistance one can get in touch with our 24/7 available support team. For all the latest and updated promotions one can check our promotion section.