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Roulette is the most exciting and thrilling game. If you are looking for some great entertainment then play roulette online on the most reliable sites like WatchMySpin. Roulette online Canada is one of the most loved online casino games . It was initially played by the royal and elite class of people. Why online casino roulette Canada has gained so much popularity is because it has amazing payout potential. Here on WatchMySpin, you can play an online roulette game Canada from anywhere and anytime. You can play it from the comfort of your home and make real money. The game of roulette consists of an online roulette wheel and a dealer who spins the wheel. The wheel has pockets or slots that are either red or black. The game begins when the dealer spins the ball in the wheel. Then the player can place the bet as to in which pocket the ball will land.

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Play Most Popular Varieties of Roulette Online Canada

Online roulette gambling is becoming so popular because of the present Covid 19 situation and also because of the growing technology. The interactive interface gives you the best online roulette experience. And also roulette online Canada has become one of the most favourite online casino games. While you play roulette online you spin the online roulette wheel and when you play the online live roulette the dealer spins the online roulette wheel. And the experience is the same as you playing roulette sitting in a land-based casino.

The online roulette wheel is divided into pockets from 1 to 36 and coloured as black or red. And the pocket that is reserved for zero is coloured green. There are different varieties of roulette online in Canada at WatchMySpin. You can choose the online roulette game in Canada as per your choice. We provide you with both classic online casino roulette Canada or online live roulette. You can play the fair and the best online live roulette Canada here .

Types of Roulette Online Canada:

European Roulette : In a European online roulette wheel there are 37 pockets. These pockets are numbered from 1 to 36 and are coloured red or black. And there is a single pocket for zero. That is the reason it is also called single-zero roulette. This is also very simple to play without many rules.

French Roulette : French online roulette wheel has 37 pockets. It has a single green zero space. It is the most famous among the players because of certain rules or bets. You can play roulette online free or can opt for online roulette for real money. However, you should become aware of all the rules before choosing to play online live roulette. Both are the best online roulette games that offer you thrilling and exciting experiences.

American Roulette: The American roulette wheel has 38 pockets. It has an extra double zero green pocket. For that reason, it is also known as double-zero online roulette. It has a house edge of 5.26% and which provides many betting options and it also increases the chances of winning.

Multi-Ball Roulette: Multiball roulette has the option of spinning multiple wheels. So that several players can bet at the same time. And they can select the number of wheels they want. And all the wheels in the Multi-Ball Roulette are of European variant that is of single zero. Because of the interactive interface, all the players can interact with each other adding more fun to the game.

You must also be aware of two very important bets or rules called “La Partage” and “En Prison”. When a la partage house rule is used, the player loses only half of the amount when the ball lands on a zero pocket or slot. En prison house rule is the one that gives you a chance to win your money back.

Betting Options You Should Know Before Playing Online Live Roulette

You can play online casino roulette Canada even if you are a beginner or an advanced player of online roulette game Canada. There are extensive options for betting in online roulette gambling. If you are a beginner you can learn by playing a free roulette casino online game. Know the rules and bets perfectly then you can play an online roulette casino game for real money. Get to know the best online roulette game betting options here. So that you can play roulette live online and win real money. Online roulette gambling gives the player many options. That is the reason you can win the games if you know how to play them perfectly by following various strategies and knowing the different bets. This is what makes the online casino roulette Canada game more exciting for the players. The online roulette game Canada betting options range from low-risk betting to high-risk betting. Players can choose the betting options at their convenience.

Primary categories of online roulette bets:

Outside Bets In an outside bet the player does not wager money on a specific number but wagers money on a category that a number falls into. In this type of online casino roulette Canada game, the categories are such as:

  • In the Red versus Black category the player can choose either red or black colour. This is one of the basic bets you can choose.
  • In the Odd versus Even the player can select either odd or even numbers as per his choice.
  • In Low versus High online roulette game Canada that player can bet on low numbers range (1-18) or high (19-36).
  • In Dozens a player can place his bet on the three different sets of 12 numbers like (1-12), 13-24) and (25-36). If the number selected by the player falls in any one of these groups then he wins the bet.

Inside Bets In an online casino roulette Canada the other primary category is Inside Bets. Inside Bets are of higher risk. A player who takes higher risk has the opportunity to win large payouts. In this type of bet in an online roulette game Canada the player bets on a specific number. There are several inside bets a player can make, such as:

  • In a Straight Up bet, the player places a bet on a single number. If the ball lands on that number then the player wins and the payout is 35:1.
  • In a Split Bet, the player places a bet on the adjacent numbers. If the ball lands in any of those two numbers then he wins.
  • In a Street bet, the player places a bet on the 3 numbers that are at the end of the row. If the ball lands on any one of the 3 numbers he wins.
  • In a Corner Bet, the player places a bet on the corner. In this corner, the 4 numbers meet.