An Introduction To Online Scratch Games

An Introduction to Online Scratch Card Games

Online Scratch games seem to be in fashion of late. They are almost everywhere. Every promotion almost uses it. Casino is not untouched of it. At WatchMySpin we too have a number of scratch card games where you can win bonus or spins instatantenously.

How does Online Scratch cards work

Once you have won/puchased/got online scratch card, you need to click on it and move the curosr on it to clear the "film" over it. If you are playing on mobile, just clear the film rubbing your finger against it. You get the winning award written on it. It is replica on offline scratch cards, but slightly easier when it come to scratching. Offline scratch are scratched with difficulty using nails of metal pieces.
Online scratch card are also easy to store, more secure and varied, and time independent in terms of purchaing, playing, and claiming the win.

Onine scratch card games at WatchMySpin

Online Scratch Card Games in UK

WatchMySpin hosts a number of games where you can win scratch cards. The games have been developed by developers like Nextgen, IGT, IWG, Gamevy, et al. These games give you instant win. To have a look at such games visit here