How to play online slots

Tips to Play Online Slots in UK

So you are already aware that there are casino games that can played online and huge prize, bonus or spin can be won. Good!

But you don’t know how to get started with one?

No worries

Please read on...

Slot is one type of casino games with traditional reels and rows with paylines.

There are a number of game developer that develop engaging games with superb graphics and background sound. These games can be entertaining and rewarding at the same time.

How To Start

Once you have signed to any online casino brand like WatchMySpin, you need to deposit some amount in order to get started. Once your account is recharge with sufficient balance (as low as £10) you can place the bet

Choosing the bet size and payline

You need to choose the bet size or coin size and payline before you start playing. There are fixed as well as varying paylines casino games.
Now have a look at the pay table which gives you an idea of the worth a symbol is. Each symbol has unique value assigned. A player is rewarded based on predefined winning combination of these symbols. Once you are done with all this, click Spin.

The reels will start rolling. It will stop and a combination of symbols will appear in each row. If the combination matches with predefined combination (Paylines), you will get rewarded as per the value of the symbols in the payline.

Few things to note

  • There are two types of symbols- Wild symbol and scatter symbol. Although the design and appearance of these symbols may change based on the theme of the game, their roles remain same everywhere.
  • A wild symbol can replace any other symbols except scatter one.
  • If wild symbol is part of winning combination, you get rewarded with multiplier.
  • symbol normally gives free spins.

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